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Staging your home: Other realtor disregard this step and it is very essential to prepare the home for sale. For Example, when you go to buy a car, it is vacuumed, perfumed, polished and washed. If this is done to sell a car, it should definitely be done to sell your home.


The importance of pricing your home right the first time: Every seller wants to get the highest price that they can for their property, and every purchaser wants to spend the least that they can to buy However, If you are serious about selling your property. It is necessary to ensure that your property is estimated correctly according to the current market conditions, otherwise your property will remain on the market for a considerable length of time. The longer it stays on the market the more questions will be asked as to why the property has not been sold and prospective purchasers will wonder what is wrong with the property, be discouraged from making offers, and look somewhere else. Today purchasers are extremely price conscious, and as a seller you have to understand that inventory levels have been steadily increasing over the last couple of years, and with so many homes on the market prospective these purchasers are in a position to be able to shop and compare, which today is done mostly on line. So if your property is priced too high then they won't even bother to come and view it.


Promoting your home outside the MLS: Most Realtors insert the listing into multiple listings service and hopes that another realtor will bring them a qualified buyer. However, in addition to inserting your listing into MLS, we promote to buyer in our database, we promote search engine such Google, Yahoo, Bing, Social Media, Video Syndication, For Sale Signs with call capture 800 number (in front of your house and surrounding areas).


Selecting the right title company: There a believe that any title company can close a real estate deal, however, we had situation where we took away transactions from other title companies because they did not had the expertise or knowledge to close an unusual real estate transaction.


Selecting the right Lender: The majority of real estate transactions decline because the lender does not requests all the documents needed, in the beginning stages, from it client which can result in an extension request that can be denied by seller.


Selecting the right Short sale processing team if needed: Traditional real estate agents only get about 15% of their short sales approved. Some attorneys sometimes complicate the matter and complete 25-30 %. By having experienced processors that handle short sales all day, every day, and, by limiting the short sales we handle, we should get through almost every short sale. Our current approval ratio is 95.2%.


Coordinating inspections, appraisals, contingency dates. Helping our buyers to order inspections and coordinating with them and providing full access to assure on time completion.

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